Sunday, December 17, 2006

Legislating at the last minute is bad policy

Times Union Fred LeBrun

"Maybe a pay raise for legislators has merit. And if periodic, automatic cost-of-living increments are a good idea as well, it'll still be a good idea in January.
At this point, what's in it for the public? We are not factored into the present deal-making equation at all. Politicians want to reward politicians and we're getting nothing for it. Gov.-elect Eliot Spitzer's suggestion of tying a pay raise and future incremental boosts to a full-scale reform package that the Legislature passes first makes perfect sense. That includes a heck of a lot more transparency, ethics, lobbying, elections, campaign finance and budget reform."

Fred all the Albany reforms Spitzer has in mind makes's called "Day One".......for the rest of this rant.... click here ..........andy

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