Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A little bit of....this and..........that..........

Newsday reports Gov.-Elect Spitzer backs two to lead state Democratic Party "June O'Neill, a two-time St. Lawrence County Democratic Party chairwoman, and Manhattan banker David Pollak have been picked by Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer to lead the state Democratic Party, a spokeswoman for Spitzer said Wednesday" Congrats and the best of luck to them both!!!!! and.......this just in........ The New York Times tells us Spitzer Visits Capitol Hill With Long List "Eliot Spitzer made his first foray to Capitol Hill as governor-elect this morning with a long list of New York’s needs — Medicaid, tax policy, AIDS funding, transportation projects — and a vow to get more from Congress than Gov. George E. Pataki did over the last 12 years." It feels so good having Eliot in charge of things......don't you get the feeling he will get more from Congress??? Eliot is still wearing his sheriff's badge with UPDATE 3-NY's Spitzer reaches Countrywide fair lending pact and also Spitzer seals deal to halt river dumping and Elizabeth Benjamin(Capitol Confidential) reports that Ben Smith has found an easier way to digest legislative Pork "The Daily Politics has (thanks to an anonymous reader, according to Ben Smith) posted a downloadable Excel file of Assembly member items from 2003 to the present.
The file is, according to Ben: “lovely, clean and easily manipulated,” which means you can search your favorite Assembly member and find out exactly how much pork he or she requested over the past three years and for whom. Elizabeth wants all her readers to check this document out..she thinks something may not be kosher here :-) andy

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