Friday, December 15, 2006

More Spitzer Appointments

Elizabeth Benjamin Capitol Confidential

A few Eliot quotes in response to our "doubting" Elizabeth's questioning his choices and why is Spitzer picking people close to him to fill important senior government positions........

“I have said throughout the campaign, and I continue to believe…if you choose the right people at the initial points of an administration..then all that is good will flow from that,” Spitzer said. “I feel comfortable that on Jan. 1 we will have the people in place to really begin to transform the government in a real and important way.”

“I would say first with the respect to the AG’s office we have hands down the best legal talent and the wisest group of individuals anywhere in the nation…I’m thrilled people from the AG’s office have agreed to continue on in public service, often at financial sacrifice.”
“We have been building a group of individuals who have all the skills I have been looking for for many months. We are casting a broad net and getting the best, the finest, the most honest and the best voices.”

Nobody can argue how effective his AG Office was........lighten up is the latest list of appointments courtesy of Elizabeth B..................

Priscilla Almodovar, President/CEO of the state Housing Finance Agency, (requires HFA Board approval). Almodovar served as deputy policy director for Spitzer’s gubernatorial campaign and is the wife of state Insurance Superintendent-to-be, Eric Dinallo, who was the architect behind the AG’s Wall Street investigations.
Terryl Brown Clemons, first assistant counsel. She is currently the assistant deputy AG of the Division of Public Advocacy.
Eric Dinallo, Insurance Superintendent. Currently general counsel of Willis Group Holdings Limited (a global insurance broker).
Pat Foye, downstate co-chair of ESDC, (there will be an upstate co-chair based in Buffalo, Spitzer said). Foye is president/CEO of United Way of Long Island and deputy chairman of the Long Island Power Authority.
Avi Schick, downstate chief operating officer and president of ESDC. He’s currentlya deputy attorney general and has been with Spitzer in that office since 1999.
Marty Mack, deputy secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs. Served for the last eight years in the AG’s office as a deputy attorney general and, more recently, on Spitzer’s gubernatorial campaign.
Peter Pope, policy director. Has since 2000 served as deputy attorney general in charge of the Criminal Division. Prior to that, served in the Office of the Inspector General of the NYC School Construction Authority.
Lee Sander, executive director/CEO of the MTA (requires approval). He is currently corporate senior vice president at DMJM Harris, a leading transportation engineering firm and director of the Rudin Center for Transporation Policy at NYU’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.
Mike Schell, senior advisor for intergovernmental affairs. He was upstate campaign director for Spitzer’s last two campaigns. In 1995, he founded the Democratic Rural Caucus and served as executive chair of the state Democratic Party from 1999 to 2001.
Anthony Ernest Shorris, executive director of the Port Authority (requires approval). Was senior policy adviser to Spitzer’s gubernatorial campaign and of the transition office. Since 2003, he was director of Princeton University’s Policy Research Institute at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.
Patricia Smith, Labor Commissioner, (requires confirmation). Since 1999, she has served as the asstant attorney general in charge of the Labor Bureau.
Dennis P. Whalen, deputy secretary for health. Whalen is a holdover from the Pataki administration. He was appointed executive deputy commissioner at the state Health Department

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