Monday, December 04, 2006

Mr. Spitzer's example

Times Union Editorial

"We are not going to play by the same old rules because they're corrosive and the public rightly has said, 'We want to see something fundamentally different,' " Mr. Spitzer says. "It is right to say to the Legislature we will lead by example."
The Legislature should consider itself on notice, then. Failure to hand over the power of redistricting to nonpartisan interests, or to pass a gift ban similar to the one Mr. Spitzer has imposed, or to further open up legislative proceedings just as the new governor vows to bring transparency to the executive branch, will send a clear message to voters about how best to change the culture of state government. "

Eliot is doing just that...leading by example....the Voters of this state gave Eliot a reform mandate and Spitzer is delivering the we always knew he would.......andy

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