Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Newsday Spin Cycle

Newsday's Spin Cycle has Hevesi Tab is $206k Says AG's Office
Here's a link to the settlement. Turns out Hevesi will pay $33,000 since he'd already repaid the state about $173,000 - the $83,000 he reiumbursed shortly after the scandal broke and another $90,000 the attorney general's office asked him to place in escrow and......................

Turns of the Screw, and Hevesi Too
If freshly-reelected Comptroller Alan Hevesi faces a removal process in the state Senate after all, the witness list and evidence for the defense alone could provide quite a window into lifestyle at our state Capitol. Wouldn't an embattled Hevesi call for sworn statements from legislators, including his strongest accusers, about how they use their staffs, cars, offices and other resources? Regardless of where you stand on the comptroller's fate and misdeeds, this could become one of the biggest procedural spectacles to hit Albany in decades -- perhaps a healthy bloodletting.Some of us suspect Spitzer may not tangibly have all that much at stake in l'affaire Hevesi. If Hevesi steps down, it could be spun as pressure from Spitzer. If Hevesi fights and loses, it can go under the category of Spitzer siding with the ethicists. If Hevesi fights and wins, the new governor might end up with a weakened fiscal watchdog, which perhaps an executive can live with.From the contrarian corner, two palpably pro-Hevesi screeds out of NYC: a fresh Village Voice entry from Wayne Barrett headlined "Twisted Spitzer," and a commentary by the veteran civic activist and former NYC parks commissioner, Henry Stern. and finally.............

DiNapoli Wants to Stay in the Assembly
With his strong ties to Gov.-elect Eliot Spitzer, there has been some speculation that state Assemb. Thomas DiNapoli, that house's environment guru, might want to become Spitzer's commissioner of the department of environmental conservation.
But DiNapoli, just back from a trip to Israel, made it clear that he is most interested in becoming the Assembly's majority leader, not DEC head.
"My preference is to stay in leadership and move up the ladder," he said.

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