Monday, December 18, 2006

Night Time Edition

States File Soot Suit Against EPA (CBS NEWS) a dozen states led by Eliot Spitzer are suing the federal EPA over smokestack emissions.....naturally Bush could care less..The "fine particulate matter" in soot contributes to premature death, chronic respiratory disease and asthma attacks, said New York Attorney General and governor-elect Eliot Spitzer. The pollution also leads to more hospital admissions and other public health costs, he said. " meanwhile Lawyer to leave Grasso case, join state development group (Dow Jones Market Watch) "On Friday, New York Gov.-elect Eliot Spitzer named Deputy Attorney General Avi Schick, the lead lawyer for Spitzer's office on the Grasso case, as the downstate chief operating officer and president of the Empire State Development Corp. " Grasso wanted the judge changed..he got Spitzer's Lawyer changed instead.....oh well...let's see how Grasso manages to complain about this.......Suozzi and Spitzer finally met face to face.... Spitzer says he won't raise taxes (Newsday)....Suozzi as a peace gesture..........offered to sing Eliot's Campaign Songs at Eliot's Inauguration.....somehow Tom's invitation was lost in the mail......and Senator Bruno wants a "do over" in selecting a group to take over NYRA Bruno Chats (Capitol Confidential--Elizabeth B) is one of the replies sent in to this article...."Why doesn’t Joe just say it: “We have no idea what we are doing”.
After a two month delay of an ill conceived one month investigation the ad-hoc committee ended up recommending the one company with zero racing experience but had the prettiest Power Point presentation.
Now Capital Play shows up late to the party with a friend of the Senate Racing Committee Chair and the very next day Joe just happens to call for a do-over.
Who the heck thought NYRA would end up looking like the smartest guys in the room. " Priceless.....................andy

I guess NYRA might look like the smartest guys in the room, especially after they shorted their own pension fund, borrowed millions from the state, filed for bankruptcy protection and then turned around and SUED the state. I'd rather go with the old Johnny Carson TV game show title, "Who Do You Trust?" Even the Ad Hoc Committee got that right when they rated NYRA last on integrity.
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