Tuesday, December 05, 2006

No More PSC Cronies

Newsday Editorial

"Govenor Pataki is just one appointment away from completing his job of transforming The State Public Service Commission from a watchdog to a lapdog"

'Acampora's appointment should be short-lived. The chair serves at the governor's pleasure, which means the incoming one, Democrat Eliot Spitzer, can appoint a new PSC head. But that can only happen if the fifth commissioner's seat - vacant after the former chair, William Flynn, resigned last month - remains empty for the few days remaining until Spitzer takes his oath. That appointment should be Spitzer's prerogative, and he should fill it with someone who has the experience to monitor the state's utilities and the ability to advise the governor on the critical energy issues the state faces.If Pataki tries a last-minute rush to fill that seat, GOP Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno should block the confirmation. It would be a telling way for Bruno to demonstrate his good will toward the new administration and to make a statement that good government can be bipartisan. Tell Pataki one more crony just won't do. "

Let's hope Pataki does the right thing here.....any bets??? andy

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