Monday, December 11, 2006

The Penitent Eliot Spitzer may have a large say in Alan Hevesi’s political future, but the state comptroller has a more formidable tormentor: himself.

Alan Hevesi in his living room in Forest Hills.
(Photo: Adam Nadel)

New York Magazine Steve Fishman

This is the Alan Hevesi Story everybody has been quoting for the last few is a quote from the story.........
“I made a terrible mistake,” Hevesi tells me, with an air of embarrassment. He pushes back in his chair. His fingers lock on his jarringly clean, state-issued desk. “I got the relief that my wife would have her protection and would be taken care of and I could do my job,” he continues, referring to her driver. “And I completely forgot, just forgot to repay. I’m human.”
Hevesi prefers not to linger on the details. If I ask a direct question on the scandal, he glances at an aide—he has two in the room. Hevesi’s deputy gives him a sign, and the comptroller gazes at me, a tight smile pinned to his face, and is silent. There is a criminal investigation under way, it’s pointed out. But also, clearly, Hevesi isn’t comfortable as a public emoter."
Unfortunately it is the "details" that will determine whether Hevesi stays in office.....pointing the finger at Spitzer or anyone else for his troubles clearly shows Alan just doesn't get it..........for the rest of this article... click here .......andy

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