Monday, December 18, 2006

Predicting The Big Stories in 2007

Gotham Gazette

A very interesting collection of 2007 predictions from journalists...professors.....Directors of think tanks etc......I am going to quote a few that relate to Spitzer............

"Everything does not change on Day One -- or Week One, Month One, Year One, or even first term. But a lot does. Albany is awakened up from its long dysfunctional, often corrupting, sleep."

'Eliot Spitzer will charge into the governor's mansion and pick at least one high-volume, high profile fight with Sheldon Silver to demonstrate his independence. One likely point of contention: Spitzer's efforts to reform redistricting and campaign laws. "

"Governor Spitzer will move quickly to stuff the legislature with big proposals for change, including less power for two of the three men in the room (guess which two.) "

"Spitzer will be very popular in his first year, despite a tough love budget. "

"The Spitzer administration accomplishes more in its first six months than the Pataki administration did in 12 years. "
For the rest of this very interesting article............... click here ..........I predict you will enjoy reading this andy

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