Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Records: Spitzer still has $5 million in campaign bank

Newsday AP Story

December 4, 2006ALBANY, N.Y. -- Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer still has $5.5 million in his campaign fund after raising more than $40 million to take the office last month.Spitzer said he will use only existing campaign funds to pay for his Jan. 1 inauguration. That avoids the controversy faced by Republican Gov. George Pataki when he solicited contributions for his first inauguration 12 years ago, but refused to say who the money came from.Spitzer spent $3.2 million during the final period of the campaign, from Oct. 24 to Nov. 30 _ three weeks after election day. The campaign shared by Spitzer and his running mate, David Paterson who is the lieutenant governor-elect, raised $517,000 during that time, the filing showed.State Board of Elections records due for filing Monday showed Spitzer has more left in his account that Republican John Faso raised for the entire campaign.Faso, who raised less than $4 million, has $199,487 left in the account, said his spokeswoman, Susan Del Percio. In the last month of the campaign, Faso spent $745,180 and raised $191,787, she said.Most of the spending by each campaign was for television ads.

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