Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Sheriff is still in town

The New York Times reports Spitzer Sues Block Again meanwhile The Insurance Journal laments Automakers Unhappy as Court Upholds Spitzer on Lemon Law "The decision "is a victory for consumers in their efforts to exercise their rights under the state's lemon law,'' Spitzer said. "Consumers should not be forced to continue to operate a malfunctioning and possibly dangerous vehicle in order to preserve their rights.'' Don't you just love this guy.................and the Albany Times Union has Eliot Fighting for clean air "It is unfortunate that this coalition of states must resort to legal action to get the EPA to do its job -- protect the environment and the public health," says Mr. Spitzer, and not for the first time." and Dow Jones Market Watch reports NY AG Spitzer sues Wells Fargo, unit alleging fraud "The lawsuit against the San Francisco financial services company alleges that Acordia conspired with several insurance companies known as Acordia's "Millennium Partners" to steer customers to them in exchange for undisclosed payments, Spitzer's office said. The suit claims Acordia's top management, including its then-chief executive, Robert Nevins, actively participated in the scheme. " and finally American Business Daily speculates what the AG Office will be like under a AndrewCuomo Administraation Spitzer's successor less likely to take on corporations thing is for sure.....Andrew has mighty big shoes to fill.........................andy

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