Saturday, December 30, 2006

Spitzer Plans Inauguration Reflecting Vow of Openness


'Twelve years ago, Gov. George E. Pataki took office with one of the most lavish inaugural parties in New York State history: three days of food and celebration for thousands of supporters, paid for with money raised by a private corporation established solely for that purpose.
But the extravaganza blossomed into a two-year headache after Mr. Pataki broke a promise to open the corporation’s books to the public, plunging his administration into its first scandal.
It later emerged that the corporation broke multiple campaign finance laws in raising more than $2 million from corporations with business before the state, with some of the money going to pay off campaign debts and even to reimburse Pataki aides for personal expenses.
Eliot Spitzer is aiming for a happier beginning. Mr. Spitzer has planned a comparatively modest celebration for himself. It will be called the “people’s inauguration” and has carefully been designed to emulate his pledge to conduct the public’s business in the open."

"Day One" in all already here...Nice Clean Breath of Fresh Air for the State Capitol.....out with the with the continue reading this here...........andy

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