Friday, December 29, 2006

Spitzer: We'll build a snowman if the weather is bad

Newsday AP Story

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) _ With forecasters warning Eliot Spitzer could be facing a wintry mix of bad weather New Year's Day for his planned outdoor inauguration, the governor-elect said Friday he won't head inside unless things get really bad. "I always said that this would be a test for New Yorkers," Spitzer told The Associated Press. Spitzer, a Democrat, is to be formally sworn in just before midnight on New Year's Eve at a private ceremony at the Executive Mansion in Albany. The public ceremony on Monday, featuring the new governor's inaugural address, is to be in a park on the west side of the state Capitol. The state's 54th governor will be the first to be inaugurated outdoors. "If it's a little rainy and sprinkly and sleet and snow, you know what? We'll build a snowman," Spitzer joked. The current forecast for Monday in Albany calls for a 60 percent chance of freezing rain with a high of 38 and a low of 32. Spitzer has the Times Union Center sports arena in downtown Albany as a backup site.

Okay, we concede that Mr. Spitzer will have to wear an overcoat which will make it a challenge for we here in Rochester to determine if he is wearing his new Hickey Freeman suit, but determine we will!

Furthermore, Hickey Freeman is not enough. Rochester's Garbage Plates will be on the Inauguration Day menu. This is great. Two more opposite Rochester icons could scarcely be found than the Hickey Freeman suit and the Garbage plate!

And you, Andy, are performing a real public service with this blog.
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