Thursday, December 07, 2006

Student groups ask Spitzer for “student-friendly” budget

Mid Hudson News Network

It seems lately..Spitzer is getting more requests than Santa is the latest one.....

'New Paltz – More than 500 student organizations including 26 groups from SUNY New Paltz Wednesday urged Governor-Elect Eliot Spitzer to propose an executive budget that increases funding for SUNY and CUNY, holds the line on tuition and strengthens the Tuition Assistance Program.
SUNY has recently announced it would impose automatic tuition hikes beginning 2008 at the start of each school year so that students could budget for their college education.
New Paltz NYPIRG coordinator Amanda Sisenstein said there is a problem with that.
“They put it across saying it will make it easier to budget and to know how much they will be paying for all four years,” she said. With future legislatures, there is “absolutely nothing from preventing New York State from throwing additional tuition hikes on top of the automatic tuition hike.” While it will guarantee an annual tuition hike, there is nothing to stop any increases from being greater, making it more difficult to budget for college, Sisenstein said.
“New York State passed a very student-friendly budget last year,” said Kate Fais, president of the History Club. “We added our name to the list because we wanted our next governor to keep leading us in the right direction.”

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