Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday Morning Roundup

The Times Union lectures Spitzer on how to handle legislative Pork A new triumvirate? and The Democrat and Chronicle's The gimme factor think If lawmakers want a raise, they should deal with new the East Hampton Star Assemblyman Fred Thiele Jr chimes in on legislative pay raises and how for the first time he is going to have to work with a democratic governor Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr. Prepares for New Challenges ...........meanwhile back in Denver, Colorado...they are pushing very hard to steal the Democratic National Convention away from New York Two bids for DNC like night and day Interesting they mention Eliot Spitzer just won...let's see......Eliot vs bet is on Spitzer and New York..especially with Hillary running for president......Newsday thinks Comptroller Hevesi could use election result to fight removal they base this premise on "a 1987 article on impeachment and removal proceedings written by Republican state Sen. Michael Balboni for the Fordham Urban Law Journal. " You got to be kidding me right??? Not exactly Supreme Court material here.......and even the New York Post quotes Balboni as well VOTERS 'ACQUITTED' ALAN: GOPER andy

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