Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Taking on an ever-expanding topic Author writes the book -- again -- on how New York government operates


"In one of five new chapters added to the second edition -- titled "Reform: Is This The Time?" -- Ward focuses on Gov.-elect Spitzer's campaign promise, "Day One: Everything Changes."
"I find Spitzer's rhetoric very similar to Teddy Roosevelt's when he was elected governor," Ward said. "There are also comparisons to be made with Gov. Nelson Rockefeller."
Ward believes something akin to a political perfect storm for reform is brewing around the Capitol, and Spitzer will be the beneficiary.
"More than most new governors, Spitzer clearly wants to drive big changes in Albany and, with his popularity and energy and the institutional powers of his office, he can make it happen," Ward said'

Spitzer will make it happen......... click here ............to read this very informative article.........andy

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