Monday, December 11, 2006

Upbeat at WTC site Pataki believes Ground Zero projects have too much momentum for Spitzer to change things now


How long will Pataki continue to use 9/11 for political purposes??? defines "momentum" as a
" force or speed of movement; impetus, as of a physical object or course of events" where was this movement or impetus during Pataki's reign as governor??? just another "presidential" photo op...........andy

Gov. George Pataki is content with the rebuilding process at the World Trade Center site and said yesterday he didn't expect the new governor to scuttle his blueprints.Standing near Ground Zero with the construction site behind him, Pataki struck an optimistic tone when asked if he expected Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer to alter any of the projects."I think there's so much momentum and so much emotional understanding of the importance of doing this right, that I believe it will simply continue," Pataki said.A spokeswoman for Spitzer could not be reached yesterday. In the past, Spitzer has criticized the rebuilding effort as "an Enron-style debacle" and has given signals he may push to change things.The governor, who leaves office Dec. 31, spoke after he gave a private tour of Ground Zero to four former governors: Terry Branstad of Iowa, David Beasley of South Carolina, Don Sunquist of Tennessee and Bill Weld of Massachusetts.After numerous delays of rebuilding projects, Pataki said things are moving ahead. He said it was particularly important to see the governors there because it's symbolic of the wider interests of the effort."Their interests and their presence here this afternoon points out what we as New Yorkers really all know and that is that what we're doing here at the World Trade Center site isn't just for New Yorkers - it's for America," Pataki said.The four governors were given a walking tour of the site, an overview of the master plan and an update on current progress, Pataki said.He said an estimated 4.5 million people from across the country and the world are expected to visit the memorial when it opens in a few years.Pataki, who said he will announce next year whether he will run for president, has been getting low numbers in the polls during the uneventful final days of his lame-duck administration.

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