Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The weather outside ... New York's new governor sees an outdoor inauguration as a test of hardiness

Times Union Editorial

"One question for Gov.-elect Eliot Spitzer as he gets ready to take office in barely a week. Whom has he hired as his administration's meteorologist? Where is Mr. Spitzer getting advice that, at the moment, is more critical than what his designated budget director, Paul Francis, is telling him?
Mr. Francis merely has to advise Mr. Spitzer about how to close a state deficit in the range of $2.4 million. The weatherman might have to tell him to call off the outdoor inauguration festivities scheduled for Monday.
Yes, an outdoor swearing-in for the governor of New York. High hopes for an unseasonably balmy afternoon in Albany." Judging by this article..somebody from the editorial board was deep into the spiked eggnog........for the rest of this.......
click here ............andy

The most pressing question for residents of Rochester is weather Mr. Spitzer will wear his new Hickey-Freeman suit at inauguration. Alas, for an outdoor ceremony he will no doubt wear an overcoat, so what suit he is wearing will be difficult to ascertain. You, or one of your readers, must keep us informed. He promised he would wear it. Insignificant, perhaps, yet it is a promise that will, unlike most others, actually be fulfilled or broken "on day one."

Maybe you have some influence. Make sure he wears it.
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