Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Adirondack development proposal deserves Spitzer's scrutiny

Fred LeBrun TimesUnion.Com

"If newly installed Gov. Eliot Spitzer thought he would get a breather before having to make some hard decisions, the Adirondacks will set him straight.

He needs to intrude, in a hurry, in a crisis up north, even before he names a Department of Environmental Conservation commissioner, or sets a much-needed new direction for the Adirondack Park Agency.
Because alarms are clanging over a bold attempt by the APA, which is rife with avid pro-development Pataki administration appointees, to rush through approval of the largest residential subdivision in the 114-year history of the Adirondack Park.
Developer Michael Foxman's mega-vision to create the high-end Adirondack Club and Resort, which would include 700 expensive units on 6,400 acres, much of it in back country, has been highly controversial since it was proposed three years ago. Part of the plan, a sop to the locals, is reopening Big Tupper Ski Center as an economic engine.
Foxman's development is, if anything, more controversial than ever."

Another Pataki Legacy for Spitzer to deal with....click here for the rest......andy

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