Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Afternoon Delights

Liz Benjamin reports Spitzer has a Upstate State Of Mind "Gov. Eliot Spitzer put our his first program announcement today, and it outlines plans to revive upstate New York.
That includes reporting specifically on upstate in his annual State of the State address, putting an “Upstate Chair” on Empire State Development Corp; expanding aid to struggling cities and towns (and also requiring better management and “stronger efforts to achieve governmental efficiencies”); a universal broadband access initiative, and more general statewide things, including reforming the Wicks Law and Workers Comp.
You can read the full “2007 Upstate Agenda”
here. " and Liz hears from a local speech writer who gives his critique of Eliot's Inaugural Address Inauguration Speech Critique ....here are a few quotes......."Over all - a pretty good speech, pretty well written and very well-delivered (His predecessor( couldn’t deliver a speech if Fedex and UPS were his collaborators in the event.)....OUCH!!!! that smarts......you think he was referring to Pataki??? And “Day One is now” was a great way to end it. It got the applause it deserved. After all, one goal of a speech is to stimulate and entertain your audience - and he knew who his audience was." Azi Paybarah informs us 'Good government groups are taking advantage of the lull in news on Day 2 to outline the proposals they'd like Eliot Spitzer to include in his state of the state address tomorrow." Albany's Hopeful Ethicists among items on this wish list........Ban speaking fees for public officials,Require ethics training for lobbyists, lawmakers and others,Create and Independent Ethics Commission.....click on link to view the rest......andy

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