Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Afternoon Delights

Azi Paybarah(The Politicker) lets us know about Spitzer's Spending, Leftovers hey I graduated from Manhattan College ..located in Riverdale......Go Jaspers Go!!!!!!!!!!! and NY1 alerts us that Spitzer Shelves New Rent Regulations "Governor Eliot Spitzer curbed a new law about rent regulations that was approved in the final days of the Pataki administration. The proposal would have let owners of rent-regulated buildings double security deposits and make tenants pay for the cost of removing lead. The plan could have become law without legislative approval, but Spitzer stopped the process. A source close to Spitzer says the plan was scrapped because his administration was not involved in the changes. Landlords argued a two month deposit is common and that money raised would help pay for lead paint removal. Tenant advocates said the proposal would have been a gift to landlords. " more "gifts" from Santa Pataki.......and the Daily News has their own spin Gov blocks Pataki's end run on rent regs .........meanwhile The Utica Observer Dispatch asks the question Will Spitzer collect cigarette sales tax? collecting sales tax from Non-Indian purchase of cigarettes in Indian owned stores seems to be hotplate issue here...and my sense is......the Spitzer Group already has a plan in place to deal with this issue..stay tuned............and break out the handkerchiefs and violins ...............Grasso Says Costs of NYSE Suit May Have Exceeded $100 Million ........penny wise..dollar foolish........does anybody really care???? and speaking of who cares??? Liz Benjamin(Capitol Confidential) gives us Bruno To Spitzer: Don’t Bigfoot L.I. Senate Race "It looks like whatever honeymoon there was between Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, R-Brunswick, and Gov. Eliot Spitzer, is coming to an end.
Bruno was on a tear Wednesday morning, blasting Spitzer for his plans to host a $25,000-a-head fundraiser Thursday for Democratic Senate candidate/Nassau County Legislator Craig Johnson, the Democratic choice to fill the 7th Senate District seat vacated by former Sen. Michael Balboni." Poor Baby......."come on Eliot play fair...give up your advantage and let us poor republicans win this one...come beat us up all over the place..what is one crummy state senate seat mean to you??? you even stole one of our own..come on.....the least you can do is let us replace Balboni...what's fair is fair..........." Mondello is quietly waiting in the wings..watching this guy fall apart......... Azi Paybarah(The Politicker) gives us an afternoon mystery to solve
A Job, but Still No Title "About that puzzling matter of the Spitzer administration hiring Carl Andrews but not announcing it or giving him an official title...
A source close to the Spitzer administration told me that Andrews is indeed working for the governor, doing intergovernmental affairs, but that the hiring has yet to be announced because Andrews' title still hasn't been formalized. The source didn't speculate about when that might happen." and finally Mayor Bloomberg is feeling his oats with
Days of Wine and Roses ..........andy

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