Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Afternoon Delights

Hey you never know!!!!!!!! or maybe some state legislators really want to know Spitzer vows to review Lottery operations "Gov. Eliot Spitzer is pledging to review the New York Lottery's operations amid bipartisan calls for reform prompted by a report in The Journal News that revealed billions of dollars in bets were kept off the Lottery's books.
Several state legislators said yesterday that the Lottery Division needed to fully account for all the cash generated by its video lottery terminals, after the newspaper reported that only a portion of wagers was included in the Lottery's financial reports." Come on People..we are talking Yolanda Vega here.......... and has anyone ever heard of Pork being served on ice??? Assemblyman Republicans: Pork Funds Are 'Tip Of The Iceberg' "The State Assembly's Republican Caucus leader James Tedisco is calling attention to 50 "secret slush funds" his office has found in various state budgets dating back as far as the 2000-2001 legislative calendar. While most are focusing on the $200 million in member items, or "pork," lawmakers get to dole out each year, Tedisco noted that these 50 other funds amount to $3.4 billion in unwatched spending, and is calling on Governor Eliot Spitzer to remove them from this year's budget."....wow...they just found out stuff going on from 2000??? why did they hold back this good news from Pataki??? and I'll bet you none of this "find" has any Republicans attached to it........there is an old neighborhood saying..that fits perfectly here..."whoever smelt it...dealt it"...........meanwhile Azi Paybarah(The Politicker) thinks maybe Maureen's phone lines have been somehow crossed..........after all...she is a Devoted Spitzer Fan....... A Message for O'Connell and, Maybe, Spitzer "Here's a robo call that was made and sponsored by 1199 SEIU and CSEA on behalf of Republican state senate candidate Maureen O'Connell in Nassau [updated].
The caller identifies herself as "Mary Duffy," a nurse and mother of four in Mineola. It's a short, pragmatic delivery whose message can be distilled as follows: She's a mom and a nurse. Vote for her.
But there is also this interesting line:
"As a health care worker, I know how important it is that our state senators understand the need to safeguard our local hospitals and stand up for quality health care. That's why I'm supporting Maureen O'Connell for state senate."
Safeguard our local hospitals?
Sounds like a reference to Eliot Spitzer's plan to squeeze billions of dollars out of the budget from Medicaid and health care costs. I wonder when those robo calls start going out." and Azi appears a little confused on exactly what Bruno was saying Say What? and Bill Hammond(The Daily News) is Punch Happy that Spitzer is picking fights with everyone Gov pulls no punches ..maybe we can get this on Pay For View for Bill..........and the Times Empire Zone alerts us........(Almost) 107 Men and Women in a Room "The Assembly Democrats just filed into their conference room to decide, behind closed doors, what to do about the comptroller situation.
They have two options. They can suck it up, and pick one of the three comptroller candidates whose names were forwarded by the expert panel that their leader agreed to. Or they can go their own way by picking an Assemblyman for the post – humiliating the Democratic governor who agreed on the process with them.
Several assemblymen who would be comptroller are in the room with them.
To be a fly on that wall…" Hey stop using my lines...........And Bruno is starting his traditional pre-budget talks "blues" Bruno’s Budget Worries yeah....yeah....you are in a different place alright..it is called the twilight zone........and The Daily Politics thinks maybe Silver is being ignored by Spitzer Reading between Spitzer's lines ..........if you click here...you can read Spitzer's entire Education Speech........Liz Benjamin's Spitzer’s Promises (Updated) "Much of the property tax relief plan Gov. Eliot Spitzer is discussing this morning should come as little surprise, since he outlined much of it during last year’s gubernatorial campaign.
The governor said today that his first executive budget will make good on his pledge to provide targeted relief to middle class property owners while also fulfilling his promise not to raise taxes or push costs down to the local level." Spitzer is definitely delivering the campaign goods....andy

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