Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Larry Levy(Newsday) thinks Spitzer keeps making it harder for himself "But being right doesn't mean Spitzer can get his way. He may have a 75 percent approval rating, but legislators care what happens to their community hospital and whether their school district gets as much of an increase as another, even if the neighbor is poorer. He will need to sell his overall vision, a solid, balanced one, to a lot of individual lawmakers.And that's why it's nuts for him to waste political goodwill by continuing to get in the faces of his Democratic allies in the Assembly over their desire to select one of their own as the new state comptroller. And why he risks losing more than he will gain in aggressively trying to win a Republican state Senate seat on Long Island, breaking an unspoken tradition of governors staying out of legislative races." I can't remember when Eliot has ever played it safe.....I may not always agree with his game plan...but you can't argue with Eliot's success or his accomplishments....playing safe would not have gotten him this far....and Larry..stop kissing Mondello's Butt here..have some respect for yourself.........meanwhile Gov. Spitzer set to release executive budget "Gov. Eliot Spitzer is expected to release the executive budget this morning with an address at the Capitol at 11 a.m." and the democratic version of the "family feud" continues with A Threat to Defy Spitzer on Comptroller Selection “Breaking the agreement and ignoring the people’s call for reform will have consequences,” said Darren Dopp, the governor’s communications director. “Experience, not cronyism, should determine who manages a $145 billion pension fund.” vrs "Some lawmakers are grumbling that Mr. Silver ever ceded any of his power to the governor — and to the outside panel that screened the candidates — in the first place. The State Constitution and state law give the Legislature the right to pick a replacement." The Albany Times Union Comptroller selection feud deepens believes the only decision left to be made is "which Assembly member will be elected, when that may happen and what the fallout may be, especially between Spitzer and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver." and Newsday confirms this with Dems: We'll pick our own "Huddling for much of the day behind closed doors, Assembly Democrats reached consensus yesterday that they would back one of their members to replace Alan Hevesi as state comptroller and were wrestling over which assemblyman would get the support of the caucus last night, according to political sources here" and
Azi Paybarah Dispatch From the Inner Sanctum heard a rumor that " state Senator Marty Connor, who was once Eliot Spitzer's election lawyer, had offered himself up as a compromise candidate?
His spokesman called with a response: No comment." meanwhile Liz Benjamin
No Comptroller Conclusion has heard that " the Assembly Republicans say they’ve been told by members of the majority (although not leadership) that the favorite at the moment is Assemblyman Thomas DiNapoli, D-Great Neck." I have said it all along...Tommy D is the Final Answer to this mess....and Liz also found out Clancy Joins Spitzer Administration "Jim Clancy, a former aide to state Sen. Neil Breslin, D-Delmar, has been hired by Gov. Eliot Spitzer to serve as his director of legislative affairs, which means he will be the liaison between the executive and legislative branches (no mean feat these days)." What is this guy stepping into??? and I am off to see my new grandson......politics will have to take a back seat today..will be back later with any updates.......andy

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