Tuesday, January 02, 2007


From our Canadian Friends at GlobeandMail.com in reference to Andrew Cuomo taking over the AG's Office..best quotes of the day "Eliot is a very tough act to follow."
"Delay is the enemy of progress."
ELIOT SPITZER...................The Ithica Journal has
Some suggestions for Eliot Spitzer "Good day, Gov. Spitzer. Welcome to the CEO's chair in what was once tabbed the most dysfunctional state government in the country." and thinks Local officials see Upstate benefitting from Spitzer era Cathy Valentino, The Town of Ithaca Supervisor among others are interviewed........and the Albany Times Union tells Spitzer to Put drug laws on Day One docket 'New Yorkers are waiting to see whether Gov. Eliot Spitzer's campaign slogan -- "Day One, Everything Changes"-- is genuine, or just a slogan. There are a number of issues that warrant the attention of the new administration, and reforming the draconian Rockefeller Drug Laws should be a priority" It totally amazes me the various "meanings" people have of what "Day One" is all about.......meanwhile the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle declares Rochester favorites a hit at inauguration "Rochester had a strong presence at Gov. Eliot Spitzer's inauguration Monday, from the clothes he wore to the food eaten by attendees.Spitzer and Lt. Gov. David Patterson wore Hickey-Freeman suits during the inauguration. They picked out the suits from the upscale Rochester clothing manufacturer in November during a victory tour after their election and had them fitted in Manhattan a few weeks ago." The New York Daily News Blood brothers! Spitz on spot as buddy uncorks the bubbly gives us a few inaugural quotes....".Spitzer, former Gov. George Pataki and their wives briefly posed for photographs outside the Capitol, where the new governor had a Rocky Balboa moment before heading into a private meeting. "I feel like Sylvester Stallone," cracked Spitzer after ascending the great stone steps." and "Newly minted Lt. Gov. David Paterson on his inaugural experience: "I told everyone I left my coat in the car, and they interpreted it to mean I don't want my coat.
"So I'm out there with no coat, and I'm trying to signal them that I really need them to go get my coat.
"Eliot and I tried that he-man thing, but Eliot didn't have to listen to the length of his own speech. I did. That's why I needed the coat. Great speech, but it was cold out there. I finally got the coat." The NY Times alerts us that
Estimates for Pensions to Tighten "A rule change would force the incoming governor, Eliot Spitzer, to modify his previous assertion that the state pension fund “is fully funded.”. and finally The New York Post reveals a PRIVATE AFFAIR HONORS NEW GOV "January 2, 2007 -- I witnessed the birth of Gov. Eliot Spitzer. No, I wasn't at the hospital to smack his naked bottom when he came into the world 47 years ago, but I was at Albany's Executive Mansion 12:01 a.m. yesterday and did hug the brand-new gov minutes after he took office." Hey a Cindy Adams hug is worth it............andy

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