Monday, January 08, 2007

AM Roundup

Newsday thinks Legislators should give Spitzer’s executive orders the force of law and the Albany TimesUnion informs us Bruno cool to redistricting reform ..what a surprise there huh??? meanwhile the NY Sun reveals Spitzer Is Set For a Deal On Charters while the Press&Sun-Bulletin agrees Charter school expansion gets a boost Newsday warns us Spitzer's blinded by big government yeah let business do their own thing....I guess they missed that whole Enron is amazing that some writers believe if Eliot did not mention a "pet" idea of theirs in his state of the state address..then he must be automatically against marriage....term limits long did they want his speech to go on??? all day??? and Dems select Senate candidate "A committee of 38 Nassau Democrats is expected to designate Legis. Craig Johnson Monday to be the party's candidate for the state Senate seat vacated by Michael Balboni, several sources said Sunday.Johnson (D-Port Washington) beat out four other candidates who interviewed Saturday for the nomination, though he was the favorite from the day Balboni announced he was leaving the Senate to become Gov. Eliot Spitzer's homeland security czar." No surprise here..Craig has the best shot of recapturing that closed.......The Gotham Gazette gives us Cracking Down on Corruption ...a stinging report on state government and the hard road ahead for Spitzer to clean it up..they even have a A ROGUE’S GALLERY ..................
"As lax as the laws on state government are, some New York politicians have managed to break them. Forget the tough streets of New York City, say some pundits, the hallowed halls of the Capitol boast the
state’s highest crime rate.
Here are some of those who have been convicted or indicted. " ouch!!!!!! if you have time...well worth the read...........Meanwhile the NY Times warns .....
In Hevesi’s Seat, Rising Potential for Party Split .............Spitzer wants an qualified "outsider" while the State Assembly wants one of their own to replace Hevesi...Tom DiNapoli would be the perfect compromise choice...stay tuned.......and finally The Gotham Gazette believes there should be Drivers’ Licenses for Immigrants ???? interesting article on national id card issues etc..............andy

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