Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Liz Benjamin(Capitol Confidential) was burning the candles late last night with her Johnson’s E$timate$ 10:59pm post...I thought I was bad....."Democratic 7th SD candidate Craig Johnson’s campaign released estimates from his financial filing, which, according to a 9:30 p.m. press release, will be filed with the state Board of Elections “later this evening.” The numbers are as follows:
Contributions: $126,301
Total receipts: $218,801
Cash on hand: $211,845
I’m not sure where the $90,000 that Johnson and his father provided to the campaign will show up. Be on the lookout for it." and
Odds And Ends " A reader/expert writes in to explain why the Senate Republican Campaign Committee used Maureen O’Connell’s campaign as a pass-through to pay her consultants $330,000:
“(It) is so the campaign gets the lowest possible ad rates, which they are required to give to candidates, as opposed to issue advocacy ad rates given to the party.
Oddly, as a result of postal laws, parties get cheaper postal rates than candidates, so watch for money flowing in the opposite direction — or, at least, not flowing *from* the party — on mail.”
Another reader noted if the SRCC paid the consultants, who then paid for O’Connell’s TV ad, the ad would have to read: “Paid for by the Senate Republican Campaign Committee,” which would probably not play well in the 7th SD race.Elsewhere… " The last thing you want to do these remind people you are a republican.....thank you George Bush.........and the State Senate had a major domestic dispute going on.......
So Much For Reform "The Senate was embroiled in a stand-off over rules reform this evening that lasted for more than two hours and ended not only with no rules changes, but no formal vote." Do you get the feeling the Dems are going to be a bit more vocal now??? No wonder Bruno is smiling less these days.......meanwhile back at the ranch....the old Suozzola gets into a bit of hot water with Suozzi In Car Accident " Newsday reports that Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi’s county car - with him in it, siren sounding and emergency lights flashing - ran a red light Tuesday morning and hit a Jeep.
“Suozzi was in the front passenger seat of the unmarked Crown Victoria, driven by police detective Frank Passalaqua. The county executive was late for a meeting, scheduled for 10 a.m., with Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice and State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, when his car collided at 10:10 a.m. with the 2003 Jeep, driven by Terence Neilly of Oyster Bay.”
No one was hurt, but both cars had to be towed from the scene.
Neilly told Newsday Suozzi didn’t get out of the car to see if he was OK, although Passalaqua did. Suozzi stuck around for 10 minutes and then got a lift from a passerby to a Medicaid meeting in Mineola, which was followed by a press conference. " .............we get all the campaign spending info with
Spitzer’s Filing (Updated) ..........don't you find these reports....errr..boring??? meanwhile Bruno fights back with Irresponsible'’ Reporting About Bruno "Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, R-Brunswick, made his first public statement about a report in the Times Union Sunday about a trip he took with a suspected lobbyist to West Palm Beach, Fla. last winter.
“The Times Union is irresponsible in their reporting, and they ought to try to be factual and stay with, you know, objectivity instead of trying to be personal and slanderous,'’ he said.
Bruno did not deny the report that Albany businessman Jared Abbruzzese paid for his flight, golf outing and activities at a gentlemen’s club." Liz did a story the other day on Bruno's family members which I thought went over the line...leave personal family business out of politics......people have a right to some privacy and respect......andy

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