Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Liz Benjamin(Capitol Confidential) gives us her spin on why the delay in the "ethics reform" announcement Whither Reform? and for those anxiously awaiting a job interview...some good news...another top state job has just opened.....Another Vacancy For Spitzer To Fill "One of former Gov. George Pataki’s very last-minute appointees, Michael J. Elmendorf II, who was named on Dec. 29, 2006, to the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (a $90,800 post) is planning to step down soon." Check out Ben Smith's New Gig at The Politico good luck Ben!!!!.........and Azi Paybarah(The Politicker) rats on one of his own with Reporting on a Reporter "The oft-criticized legislators up in Albany must be enjoying the spectacle of the press training its fire on... the press.
The Times Union
reported yesterday that the New York Bankers Association, a group that lobbies state lawmakers, paid the New York Post's veteran Albany man Fred Dicker for a speech earlier this month." Yikes.....Fred involved in a scandal ??? holy watergate...batman.........and it continues "A spokesperson for the NYBA said that Dicker's speech on January 9 lasted about 30 minutes, and a spokesman for the Post said Dicker was paid $1,000. (The money has since been returned to the association with a request that it be donated to an Alzheimer's-related charity, according to Post spokesman Steven Rubenstein.)
Today, the Daily News
gets in on the story, adding that "this is the third straight year the NYBA has been paying Dicker - without the knowledge of his boss, Post editor in chief Col Allan." Who said Dicker can't keep secrets??? meanwhile the Empire Zone reports a rebellion in the making A Break in the Ranks "SEIU Local 32BJ is going against its larger brother, SEIU 1199, and endorsing Democrat Craig Johnson in the Long Island Senate race. No more details are available, but an announcement is expected tomorrow. The union represents about 60,000 “property service” workers in the state–janitors, doormen, security guards, etc." Smart move on their part........and finally the ultimate question is asked Where’s Pataki? and the answer is.......Who Cares???

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