Thursday, January 25, 2007

am rush hour roundup

In a view facing north at the construction site, steel columns of the Freedom Tower’s south perimeter are visible, having risen almost to street level.
(photo courtesy Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times)

Port Authority posied to take over Stewart Airport lease "The expansion of Stewart Airport is a critical component of the continued growth of the Hudson Valley," Spitzer said in a prepared statement on Wednesday. "The Port Authority ... recognizes that vision and will (by approving the Stewart takeover) create a major economic engine for the region with positive results reaching far beyond the Hudson Valley. ..." and Newsday reports New leader for LIPA "There is a new source of power at the Long Island Power Authority. Moving quickly to take control of a state agency whose high electric bills have been a major source of local outrage, Gov. Eliot Spitzer announced yesterday he will name Suffolk County official Kevin Law as its new chairman and successor to Richard Kessel. Law, who is expected to take full control as chief executive officer later this year, is a fine choice. " Richie Kessel is a pretty down to earth guy....a few months ago I was attending a testimonial dinner and Rich was one of the guest speakers...just as he got up to the podium to give his little presentation....somebody turned off all the lights in the hall....plunging us all into darkness....the place erupted into tremendous laughter....but Richie was a good sport and laughed it off.......meanwhile the Times gives us What a View to Behold, and It’s Really Something ......."Stand on Vesey Street, between Greenwich and Washington Streets. Look through the chain-link fences and over the Jersey barriers. The tops of six columns of the tower’s south perimeter are now visible, sprouting from the depths of ground zero. A seventh column, standing alone nearby, is where the Freedom Tower’s east plaza will be.
You no longer need a pass. Or an invitation. Or a hard hat. Instead, that venerable tradition of sidewalk superintendence, in which passers-by get to gawk and kibitz as buildings rise, can now begin in earnest at the World Trade Center site." and the Albany Times Union raises
The Carl Andrews Question "Gov. Eliot Spitzer was asked at the ethics reform press conference this morning whether he was “concerned” about recent reports about the role of his longtime political ally and current employee, Carl Andrews, in the alleged sale of judgeships by former Assemblyman/ex-Brooklyn Democratic boss Clarence Norman.
Spitzer’s replied that he is “concerned about any allegations, obviously” adding: “this is something that the DA is looking at; We will await their judgment.” And finally........Just to give you an idea of the high caliber of Spitzer Appointees....check out
Boston scrambles for new schools chief as Rivera drops out " Boston is starting over in its search for a new school superintendent after nationally recognized New York educator Manuel Rivera unexpectedly broke off a pending deal.Rivera -- now the school superintendent in Rochester, New York -- will be taking a job in the administration of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.
Mayor Thomas Menino says the got the news Tuesday night. And he got a call from Spitzer yesterday to let him know Rivera will be heading a new state commission on public education.
Menino says he's disappointed and shocked by the change in plans. But he says the city will start looking for someone new.
Boston had announced the selection of Rivera, who would have been its first Hispanic superintendent, last September" .........disappointed and shocked...pretty heady stuff huh??? andy

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