Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Balboni...Patriot or a new Benedict Arnold???


Newsday thinks Mike is right for the job...although some local Republicans think he is a traitor for leaving the Senate and joining Spitzer's Group...Errol has written a very interesting article....let me give you a few quotes to wet your appetite for more........andy

"Republicans put a supportive face on Balboni's decision to work for a Democratic administration, but behind the scenes many branded him a traitor. Republican leaders who had invested time and money in his rising star pleaded with him to reconsider. They accused Spitzer of seducing Balboni to give Democrats a shot at his seat." "Balboni said he plans to hold on to a $400,000 campaign chest "in case I decide to jump back in" - a move that he said is very unlikely. Often, he gives thought to his Republican friends who see the move as treasonous after a 17-year commitment. "I was so nervous ... when it happened because it's so hard to change," Balboni said. "It's awesome and perilous, but this is the job I want." for the rest..........click here..........andy

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