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Newsday's SpinCycle gives a semantics lesson with their Day One: The Slogan Changes "Aha! We were wondering how he'd find the wiggle room.Gov. Eliot Spitzer's campaign slogan was, "Day One: Everything Changes."But in his inaugural speech, Spitzer declared: “Day One OF OUR TIME FOR CHANGE has arrived." (emphasis added)Moments later, he added, "Today is the day we stop standing still and START moving forward..." (emphasis added)"...so what is your point here??? how long did it take you to come up with this "startling" revelation??? someone wrote a comment to this post as follows "Please post something more substantive.
Is there a Newsday reporter in Albany today? If not, there should be." and they give us these updates as well
For the Moment...'New security "czar" Balboni is warning of subway insecurity.http://www.nysun.com/article/45957
New AG Cuomo to review Pataki security deal.http://www.nypost.com/seven/01022007/news/regionalnews/andy_backs_pataki_probe_regionalnews_fredric_u__dicker.htm
Whether you're a fan or a foe, you must admit that life is never ordinary in Rudy land.http://blogs.nydailynews.com/dailypolitics/
U.S. Senator Schumer had some down time, greeting random passersby in the Albany concourse.http://blogs.timesunion.com/capitol/" Liz Benjamin(Capitol Confidential) alerts us to

Pataki Lives In Cyberspace evidently someone in Spitzer's Admin missed taking out Pataki's Puss on the state small business web page......and that "Spitzer’s new security czar, soon-to-be former Sen. Mike Balboni, says the NYC subway system is ripe for a terrorist attack." Liz also lets us know she didn't get any special treatment by the Spitzer Crew....."P.S. To explain my presence at the mansion yesterday during the meet-and-greet:
I don’t get any special treatment (unfortunately). I was the pool reporter, which means the administration allowed one member of the print media into the event to take notes and distribute them to the rest of the press to avoid the throng that usually follows the governor everywhere he goes."
Her Eyewitness account of that event made you feel..you were right there with the Governor......Azi Paybarah(The Politicker) interviewed Amy Luke, an 8th grader from Delmar ..she thought Eliot was Positive, But a Little Mean ..........she thought the rip van winkle remarks hurt Pataki's feelings.....hey..he has been called a lot worse......Azi points us to a NY Times Article Scandals help Eliot Spitzer's push to change Albany and Errol Louis(Daily News) takes note of Spitzer's use of uplifting images, but wonders if that'll translate to something tangible and Cuomo backs an independent review of Spitzer's decision to grant George Pataki 24-hour security.(NY Post)......my guess is Pataki's state funded security detail will not last long at all....you would think after the Hevesi Mess...Pataki would steer clear of any impression of "soaking" the taxpayers........and finally the NY Times Empire Zone asks its readers...."So, Empire Zone readers, what should be at the top of Eliot Spitzer’s agenda as governor of New York?' We have heard from some of you. Marie Deluca says Mr. Spitzer should focus on drunken driving — “stopping alcohol ads” — and crack down on the pharmaceutical industry and doctors “pushing” medications.“My last comment is, get guns off the streets.”
John Frangos would like to see
new leadership – although that’s not Mr. Spitzer’s branch. “Thanks to a feckless NYS legislature, the worst in the country, we are overtaxed and only special interests seem to benefit.”
Lawrence Connolly
writes: “I hope Gov. Spitzer will recognize and address NY State’s need to change how economic development has been conducted, particularly with respect to gaining a competitive position in cutting edge technologies such as biotech and nanotech.”
What would you say to the new governor? " log on to their link above and contribute your 2 cents........andy

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