Wednesday, January 03, 2007

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Newsday's SpinCycle thinks there may be some type of "strain" between Silver and Spitzer over the replacement for Hevesi..this is the 2nd mention of one day for Newsday..I guess if you keep repeating it over and over will become true??? and they also ponder the consequences of a Spitzer sponsered Gay Marriage Bill ...........they think this bill may already be in trouble..........Liz Benjamin(Capitol Confidential) tells us 'Cohoes Democrat Ron Canestrari was chosen Assembly majority leader Wednesday,Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said." Wasn't this the spot Assemblyman Tom DiNapoli was yearning for??? Maybe there is something better coming up for Tom???(Hint...Hevesi's old job).........."Liz alerts us to various ways to watch Spitzers State of the State Address today For those of you who are not at the Capitol, there are a couple of option for viewing Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s 1 p.m. speech today. It’s scheduled to be on WMHT Channel 17, or the governor’s website here.You can also log here.
An update: Brian Taffe of Capital News 9 reminds me that they too, will be carrying the speech, and they’ll be covering the reaction speeches from Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver and Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno. " all about it....."Ben Smith is leaving The Daily News The man who broke the story about the Giuliani papers, Ben Smith, is
departing the News (and, perhaps more importantly, The Daily Politics) after less than a year to join The Politico - a new on-line effort started by some former Washington Post luminaries that debuts later this month. He’ll be working out of New York, but focused on the presidential contest.
Good luck, Ben. We’ll see you in cyberspace. " Ben was the best...when it came to stirring up the "sh*t.......he would ask provocative questions..and wait to see how much "squirm" he could get out of the answers........he is going to be missed here in new york.........Azi Paybarah(The Politicker) thinks there may be a
A Pataki Holdover? 'George Pataki's liaison to the Jewish Community, Karen Paikin, was, as of late yesterday, still answering her phone at the governor's Manhattan office" ..........some of Pataki's appointees are hanging on for dear life..hoping they get overlooked for the axe or rehired......the smart ones already had something lined up and are long gone or in the process of leaving........and Azi Paybarah reports on Eliot Spitzer's Rocky-like ascent and talks about what happens when the new governor's honeymoon is imposed upon by grim political reality in Albany.........."Mr. Spitzer’s honeymoon, as good-government lobbyist Blair Horner put it, “lasts until the first fistfight.”.......who knows....maybe Eliot had some pre-nups written........and here are a few more Azi odds and ends......The Post writes a harsh editorial about Andrew Cuomo for not deputizing an assistant for Medicaid fraud yet. and The Albany County District Attorney who successfully prosecuted Alan Hevesi said he is investigating the state's education, motor vehicle, health and insurance departments. and A Spitzer campaign worker can immediately start lobbying the new administration since he was never technically on the state payroll..........andy

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