Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bruno faults Spitzer role in fundraiser, special election


Yeah...why would Spitzer attend a democratic fundraiser..for a democratic candidate in a tight senatorial race???? Outrageous I say.......simply outrageous..the next thing you know....Spitzer will be doing other fundraisers for dem candidates........will this never end??? andy

ALBANY, N.Y. Senator Joe Bruno criticized Governor Eliot Spitzer today for planning to attend a 25-thousand-dollar-per-person fundraiser for a Democratic state Senate candidate -- while at the same time advocating campaign finance reform.Bruno, the Senate majority leader from Rensselaer County, said it was "very inappropriate" for Spitzer to attend. He also said there are some people around the new governor aggressively calling for pressure on labor groups in the special election to fill a vacant Senate seat.
The fundraiser staged by the state Democratic Party is scheduled Thursday in Manhattan. Both Spitzer and Nassau County Legislator Craig Johnson _ who is running for the open seat _ are expected to attend.
Spitzer spokeswoman Christine Anderson said Spitzer backs campaign finance and other reforms, that Johnson will help him enact them, and the fundraiser is being held under existing campaign finance rules. She said the dollar limits for the campaign reform package haven't been set yet.

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