Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Comptroller Predictions or how Azi called The Psychic Hotline

Azi Paybarah The Politicker

The latest and greatest fearless predictions of who will replace Hevesi......my money is on DiNapoli...as you read this..let me know who you think will be the next comptroller...all responses will be published here...........andy

As the screening panel starts interviewing comptroller candidates in order to pick the five people they'll recommend to the legislature for the position, here are a few predictions about who might make the cut:
Bill Cunningham, political consultant and former deputy mayor
Richard BrodskyBill MulrowTom DinapoliMartha Stark Joe Morelle
Says we may need to wait "for white smoke" to know when there is a winner.
Ryan Karben, lawyer, consultant and former Assemblyman
Tom DiNapoliAndrew EristoffDave HancoxBill Mulrow Marsha Stark
Predicted winner: DiNapoli

Edward-Isaac Dovere, Editor of City Hall magazine
Martha StarkTom DiNapoliRichard BrodskyWilliam MulrowAlphonse Fletcher
Frank Morano, outspoken Independence Party member
Tom DiNapoliBill MulrowRichard BrodskyJoe MorelleMartha Stark
"I think DiNapoli gets it in the end."

A junior assembly member
Bill MulrowTom DinapoliJoe MorelleAndrew EristoffPhilip Latessa
A Democratic operative not associated with any candidate
Martha Stark Bill Mulrow Tom DiNapoli Richard BrodskyJoseph Morelle
Next comptroller: Morelle

An aide to a city official
Bill Mulrow Tom Dinapoli Howard Weitzman Alphonse Fletcher Philip LaTessa
A knowledgeable Brooklyn Democrat
"If Eliot Spitzer gets behind Martha Stark, it's hers."

A Brooklyn-based journalist with a twisted sense of humor
Thomas E. Dewey. Dewey's record as a fearless prosecutor and reform-minded governor will match well with the "new Albany" that Eliot Spitzer is tryingto bring into being, while his reputation as a "wise old man" of New York politics is a nod to tradition. Since he's a Republican, albeit a liberal one, his appointment will strike a blow for bipartisanship, yet he can't beseen as threat to Spitzer's future ambitions, seeing as he's been dead since 1971. Ask yourself--would a dead Dewey really be any less dynamic than someof these stiffs they're considering?
Your predictions?

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