Monday, January 01, 2007

"Day one has begun"

JAMES ESTRIN The Associated Press
Eliot Spitzer is sworn in as governor of New York just after midnight today by U.S. District Judge Robert W. Sweet at the governor's mansion in Albany. His mother, Anne, is at left; his wife, Silda, center, and daughters, Sarabeth and Jenna, right, watch the ceremony.

As his wife, Silda Wall Spitzer, and his daughters Sarabeth, left, and Jenna watched, Eliot Spitzer was sworn in at the governor’s mansion Sunday night by Robert W. Sweet, a federal judge.

(photo courtesy James Estrin/The New York Times)

"ALBANY, N.Y. -- Democrat Eliot Spitzer, vowing to "replace delay and diversion with energy and purpose," was sworn in as New York's 54th governor during a private ceremony at midnight Sunday at the governor's mansion.
"Day one has begun," Spitzer said to a resounding cheer after being sworn in. "It is a joy to be here. It will be exciting. I will do my best as the public has asked me to do." AP MARC HUMBERT'S NY's
New Governor Sworn in at Midnight .....JOE MAHONEY of the New York Daily News Call him Gov. Spitzer adds "Over the last decade, we have seen what can happen when our government stands still in the face of great challenge and inevitable change," he plans to say.
"We've seen it in the burdensome property taxes and the health care we can't afford; in the jobs that have disappeared from our upstate cities and the schools that keep failing our children; in a government that works for those who hold office - not those who put them there." MICHAEL COOPER 's New York Times
Amid Champagne and Cheers, Spitzer Is Sworn in as Governor gives us Standing by a fireplace, Mr. Spitzer placed his hand on a Bible and repeated the oath of office, in a very loud and clear voice: “I, Eliot Spitzer, do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of New York, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the governor of the State of New York according to the best of my abilities, so help me God.”
A cheer rose from the guests: “Go get ’em, Eliot!”
The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reports Spitzer inaugurated as governor “The reform we seek is substantial in size and historic in scope,” Spitzer said. “It will require a new brand of politics, a break from the days when progress was measured by the partisan points scored or the opponents defeated. No longer can we afford merely to tinker at the margins of the status quo or play the politics of pitting one group against another.” and finally The Albany Times Union Spitzer takes oath of office 'Flanked by his wife, Silda Wall, his three daughters -- Elyssa, 17; Sarabeth, 14; and Jenna, 12 -- Spitzer took the oath of office in a loud, clear voice with his hand on the same Bible his father, Bernard, and his mother, Anne, had given him when he was first sworn in as state attorney general in 1998. " The fun has just begun........andy

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