Tuesday, January 16, 2007

DiNapoli Puts it in Writing

Azi Paybarah The Politicker

Tom DiNapoli is a class act and deserves a shot at Hevesi's old job......andy

"Tom DiNapoli is circulating a letter to colleagues outlining reasons why he should be the next state comptroller.
In keeping with prevailing theme of political independence, DiNapoli stresses a willingness to work with Republicans in the legislature.
"While I am certainly a proud Democrat, I have never hesitated to work with my Republican colleagues in the Assembly and Senate to support legislation in the public interest. I have always believed that partisanship must never get in the way of good government. My ability to be an effective, independent comptroller - to call it as I see it - is just a logical extension of that philosophy."
DiNapoli also touts the role he played in helping Nassau emerge from its fiscal crisis after years of
GOP control.
Coincidentally, that fiscal turnaround was also a
central theme of the gubernatorial campaign of Tom Suozzi, who defeated DiNapoli in a race for county executive." To read Tom's complete letter...click here......andy

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