Saturday, January 13, 2007

Disconnect between Spitzer, lawmakers

Albany Times Union Letters to the Editor

This letter hits the nail right on the head...bipartisan reform is a must as usual can no longer be york is running out of time.....andy

Gov. Eliot Spitzer's State of the State speech revealed a clear disconnect between the governor's proposals for legislative reforms and the response of the gathered legislators. In contrast to past State of the State addresses, there were few of the same old meaningless feel-good moments in this speech to evoke wild applause from assembled officials. The most positive description that could be given to our legislator's response is "lukewarm."
As the television camera panned around the Assembly chamber, it was illustrative to see large numbers of elected officials sitting slumped at their desks, offering not even polite applause or trying to feign interest. They were sending a strong signal that they are not supportive of change.
Of course, in post-speech press conferences and interviews, there was praise for the governor's reform proposals from every corner. But New Yorkers know that the governor, and all of us, are in for a tough battle to improve the way our inefficient and dysfunctional Legislature conducts itself.
Whether we are Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives or Independents, all will benefit from a clean-up in the way the state Legislature goes about its business. Let everyone put their Assembly members and state senators on notice: Improve the workings of elected government or be voted out of office.

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