Monday, January 08, 2007

Evening Serenade

The NY Times Empire Zone came back to life today with Eliot Works the Other House "And if some Assembly Democrats have been grumbling privately that the new governor does not appear to consider them comptroller material , they may draw some consolation from Mr. Spitzer’s remarks to reporters after he left the chamber:
I have never said that one of them couldn’t be a good comptroller, or one of them might not end up being a good comptroller. What I have said is that we need to look for certain standards and qualifications. And begin with a question relating to qualifications, rather then membership. And then we go from there" and
Eliot in the Elephants’ Den "Nixon goes to China? Daniel in the Lion’s Den? Eliot in the Elephant’s Den? Governor Eliot Spitzer paid a visit today to the private conference that Republican State Senators held before going into session today.
“It was fun,’’ he said afterwards, sanding beside a smiling Senator Joseph L. Bruno. “I haven’t been cross-examined like that in a long time. ‘’
Mr. Spitzer, who recently picked off one of their
own, Michael A.L. Balboni, to join his cabinet, was asked if he had collected any resumes.
“I hope not,’’ Senator Bruno said.
Governor Spitzer said: “My pockets are as thin as they were when I came in. I usually worry about having my pocket picked when I’m in there.’’ meanwhile
Spitzer’s Sense of Smell "Up in Albany today, Gov. Eliot Spitzer did not appear overly concerned about the smell that obsessed Manhattan this morning." maybe because of What the Weatherman Knew Azi Paybarah(The Politicker) declares Not everyone in the legislature is honoring Eliot Spitzer's self-imposed ban on fund-raisers in the capitol. and The Working Families Party wonders which politician is next to go topless.......and there appears to be a senate leadership shakeup Smith's Minority Chair "It looks like the shake-up of the Senate Democratic leadership by newly installed minority leader Malcolm Smith is still underway.
According to a Democratic source in the Senate, Smith is expected to name John Sampson of Brooklyn as Chair of the Senate minority conference, replacing the twice-indicted Efrain Gonzalez of the Bronx." Finally Liz Benjamin(Capitol Confidential) has her own take on Spitzer's travelings today with her
The Gov Goes Visiting a few quotes "Sen. Kemp Hannon, a Long Island Republican, said the meeting was “novel” because members were encouraged to ask any question they wanted - even about things that were extremely parochial and pertained only to their own districts.
Hannon said he couldn’t recall former Gov. George Pataki ever having a similar meeting with the GOP conference." and "A member of Silver’s staff said she could not recall “the previous governor” ever having made a similar visit to the Assembly chamber other than to deliver the State of the State address." Is anybody really surprised??? Spitzer promised there would be changes in the way state government does business.....stay tuned..........andy

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