Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday's Follies

Spitzer: Choose From the Three candidates proposed by the comptroller's committee...Danny Hakim was aghast that Eliot did not mention any of the assembly candidates for comptroller......and Danny thinks there may be trouble brewing with Concerns Over Ethics Reform "Since the plan was rolled out Wednesday by the governor and the legislative leaders, it has become increasingly clear that some government watchdog groups are troubled by aspects of it, notably the fact that the governor’s appointees will control a new Commission on Public Integrity, that the executive director of the new commission will not be able to initiate investigations without the approval of the commissioners — as he has been able to do at the Lobbying Commission — and that the new commission will not be able to keep the fines they levy, leaving their budget at the mercy of the lawmakers they police." meanwhile Azi Paybarah reports City Hall Staff for O'Connell .....Mayor Bloomberg whined that they are working for O'connell on their own dime and because they really wanted to...yeah that Brooklyn Bridge still for sale??? and Liz Benjamin hands out Some Ironic History "The problem for this year’s five legislative comptroller contenders is that public perception of the state Legislature has changed - for the worse. Remember that Brennan Center report dubbing New York’s Legislature the nation’s most dysfunctional?
The conventional wisdom that the Legislature is a mess - home to do-nothings and criminals who don’t have the public’s interest at heart - coupled with a new governor who is on a crusade to “clean up” Albany, spelled doom for the would-be comptrollers from the Assembly before they even got up to testify.
“None of this would have happened if we weren’t swimming in an ocean in which we’re viewed in the most unhealthy way,” said Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, D-Westchester, one of the five Assembly members who interviewed for the comptroller job. “We can’t get swiftboated unless there’s an underlying press and public perception that we’re dysfunctional.”
“The notion that service in the Legislature is disqualifying…fortunately for (McCall) and (Goldin), that wasn’t the standard view when they were in.” There are decent hardworking legislators at all levels of is a damn shame that a few bad apples has tainted them is not fair or right....every man or woman should stand on their own two feet..their own record and accomplishments and not be prejudged because of is plain wrong..........andy

Spizer can only go so far without crossing the line. I understand the ethic reform and I support it but if he does not let Silver go with DiNapoli he is making a HUGE mistake. Who does this guy think he is? We have to work together. Spitzer is not some godfather we all have to fall lockstep with. DiNapoli has worked hard and been a good Democrat and public servant. What makes this all more intresting is that Spitzer had the nerve to pass DiNapoli for DEC Commissioner if he knew he would not become comptroller. I am a Spitzer supporter but enough is enough.
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