Thursday, January 11, 2007

From Day One, Spitzer a champion of the arts

I am reprinting this letter to the editor from the Albany Times Union ......another glimpse of what "Day One" means to this New Yorker....andy

My family and I spent the ride home from that inspiring free concert at the Times Union Center, where James Taylor rocked the house, debating whether Jan. 1 or Jan. 2 technically qualifies as the much-discussed "Day One" of Eliot Spitzer's administration.
As a performing artist living and working in the great state of New York, Jan. 1 was undoubtedly "Day One" for me.
By the end of Inauguration Day, Governor Spitzer had proven himself the most visionary champion of the arts to lead our state at least since Nelson Rockefeller held office.
All afternoon, a wondrously diverse panoply of arts groups from all around the state performed free concerts in and around the Capitol.
Student groups, college ensembles, ethnic dance troupes, every imaginable type of company, reflecting the rainbow rich diversity of our state and its cultural life, was in evidence, and the governor and his brilliant, beautiful wife reveled in all of it.
Gov. Spitzer already has earned the undying love and support of arts groups throughout the state through the farsighted grants he made possible with money from the payola case he settled as attorney general.
What a pleasure to have a leader who does more for the arts than talk the talk.
He proves daily through his own love of the arts how vital they are to our communities, how integral they are to the greatness of our state, and how much they enrich all New Yorkers' lives.
If this was "Day One," I can't wait to see what the coming weeks will bring.
Music director
Albany Symphony

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