Thursday, January 25, 2007

Going for an afternoon Spin

Everybody is holding their breath today...well maybe not everybody but those that interviewed for State Comptroller On Pins And Needles favorite quote......"The bottom line is that constitutionally speaking, the Legislature is responsible for picking the next comptroller, and since the Legislature includes more Democrats than Republicans, the decision will be controlled by Silver and his majority colleagues.
As Silver told
the Buffalo News:
“(The three-member panel) can give me whatever they want. We don’t have to listen to them, either.” yikes....ya think Liz is trying to stir the pot a bit here.........and there is going to be a special election any minute in new york city to replace Assemblyman Alexander “Pete” Grannis, D-Manhattan
A New Chair’s First Test Will new Rep Chair Saul Yaffa be up to the task??? and unfortunately there will be another special election... sorry to here that Assemb. John Lavelle has passed .........."He served his beloved Staten Island community with passion, enthusiasm and dedication. He embodied the true spirit of public service," Silver said in a statement. "John Lavelle's advocacy improved public education, ensured the accessibility of affordable health care, eased the struggle of those fighting addiction and enhanced the quality of life for Staten Island's working families." ...........special election updates..............Azi gives us Stonewall's New President: Matt Carlin "Having control of the state Senate flip from Republicans to Democrat would "absolutely" help get a same-sex marriage law passed this year, said Matthew Carlin, the newly elected president of Stonewall Democrats.
Carlin, an attorney in Manhattan, was elected last night.
Carlin told me last night that one of the club's first priorities under his leadership would be to help put Democrats in control of the state Senate by electing Craig Johnson on Long Island. The club is planning a fund-raiser and volunteer drive in the coming days. and
A Debate Debate in Nassau "It's still unclear whether Republican Maureen O'Connell will participate in scheduled candidate forum tonight along with Democrat Craig Johnson.
The event is supposed to start at 7 p.m. in Manhasset, hosted by the League of Women Voters. The organization's Nassau office of said that both candidates were invited and as of this morning, only Johnson has confirmed. I called O'Connell's campaign and asked if they'll be there. I'm still waiting for the answer.
On Monday, O'Connell and Johnson participated in a debate with News12 that will air on February 1st and
again on the 3rd and 4th.
Yesterday, both candidates met jointly with Newsday's editorial board, according to Johnson's campaign. And on February 2nd, Channel 55 will air a joint interview with both candidates."...The last I heard...Maureen couldn't make tonight's league of women's voters debate because she had a scheduling old rerun of "Friends" was on...according to sources..she has never seen that particular one before :-) andy

Thank you, Andy, for being such a big supporter of Tom DiNapoli. His family appreciates it. We wonder why Spitzer has passed him by in a few instances. LT. Gov; understanding he needed the black vote; Sect.of State; went to a woman; and not supporting him in his efforts to become Comptroller. We understand he wanted Tom to take the DEC position, but that's not what Tom wants. Is Spitzer angry at Tom because he didn't get his way? It seems like we are stuck with a Gov. for the next four years who has the attitude, "It's my way or the highway." Scary, isn't it. I just hope Spitzer realizes that Tom DESERVES this job. I think Spitzer maybe a little afraid that Tom would take some attention away from his big ego. Thanks, always, for your support.
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