Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Governor Announces Process for Choosing Comptroller Candidates


Spitzer promised things would be done the open......and above board.......this is one way he is not only "talking the talk..but also "walking the walk".........andy

Governor Spitzer and leaders of the majority and minority of both houses of the legislature announcing the plan, which will be similar to how candidates to become the state's top judges are chosen.
This agreement is an indication of Governor Spitzer's efforts to govern by consensus -- and reach across party lines.
The key to the process -- an independent screening panel made up of three people who know better than anyone what it is needed to do the job right.
Gov. Eliot Spitzer: “We've created a panel of individuals who understand the obligations, and the responsibilities and the expertise that's required for this position.”
Flanked by the leaders of the state legislature, Governor Eliot Spitzer announces an agreement among them to figure out how the next state comptroller will be chosen.
The governor says it will be set up in a similar way as the screening process for state Court of Appeals judges.
Gov. Spitzer: “That screening panel will participate and will have an opportunity to interview the candidates, all of those who are interested in being the comptroller of the state of New York. That screening panel will then report out up to five names.”
This screening panel will be overseen by former comptrollers Ned Regan and Carl McCall -- and, as the governor put it, a player to be named later.
They will participate in Assembly and Senate hearings questioning potential candidates -- then recommend up to five candidates for lawmakers to decide from.
Among those who have expressed an interest in the job -- several Assembly members including Richard Brodsky and Wall Street financier Bill Mulrow, who ran against Alan Hevesi in 2003.
The leaders of both houses say this is the best, most open way to make this decision.
Sen. Joseph Bruno/R-Majority Leader: “This is one of the most important positions in the state. This is the chief auditor, the sole trustee of the people's money out there, $140 billion worth.”
Sheldon Silver/D-Assembly Speaker: “The open public interview process that we contemplate and reached consensus on guarantees that we are choosing from the most qualified in the candidate pool.”
The comptroller's job is currently being done by Alan Hevesi's first deputy -- who will keep the job until an official replacement is named.
Senate and Assembly hearings are expected to get underway next week -- and the hope is that a final decision on the next state comptroller will be made by a joint session of the houses by the end of the month.

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