Monday, January 01, 2007

Governor Spitzer Signs His First Executive Orders/Pataki Demands Security Protection


Governor Spitzer.........for the first has a nice "ring" to it......Day One is finally here....and these directives are just the beginning......

"Governor Eliot Spitzer took the oath of office shortly after midnight and signed his first executive orders as Governor. He established ethical guidelines for State employees, attempted to limit the influence of politics on government decisions, and made it easier for the public to access government activities.
All State employees now must follow a new set of ethical guidelines. According to Spitzer's office, "it imposes restrictions on the receipt of gifts, prohibits the use of State supplies and equipment for personal purposes, establishes an anti-nepotism policy, and expands the "revolving door" restrictions applicable to Governor's Office employees."
Also, Spitzer's office says the new Governor is hoping to reduce the the influence of politics on government decision-making, by "(a) prohibiting "at-will" employees from making campaign contributions to the Governor and Lieutenant Governor; (b) prohibiting questioning of potential employees and contractors with respect to their party affiliations and campaign contributions; (c) prohibiting State agencies and authorities from having elected officials and candidates appear in State-funded advertisements; and (d) requiring State employees who run for federal or state office to resign or take a leave of absence from their State position." The Governor is also requiring that all State agencies and public authorities set up plans to broadcast all meetings subject to the Open Meetings Law on the internet. The broadcasts must begin by July 1, 2007.
Two additional executive orders deal with selecting judicial officers and with continuing previous executive orders signed before Governor Spitzer took the oath of office." Newsday has their own spin on this story.....
Spitzer hits ground running as New York governor......Meanwhile Fred Dicker of the NY Post complains PATAKI PATROL A GREAT EX-PENSE "Gov. Spitzer has granted George Pataki 24-hour-a-day State Police protection, a shockingly expensive security detail that's never been offered to a former New York governor, The Post has learned.
Democrat Spitzer reluctantly agreed to Republican Pataki's last-minute security request, despite misgivings that such an action could violate the same law that led former state Comptroller Alan Hevesi to plead guilty to a felony, a source close to the new governor said. " Pataki doesn't quite get the EX-Governor part of his life..."Dopp confirmed the Ethics Commission "will be consulted to ensure that the matter is handled correctly," and he said both the State Police and "outside security consultants will help determine what is required and for how long." ....why can't this character just go away quietly with some kind of dignity??? Tom Precious of the Buffalo News warns
For Spitzer, the challenge begins .....he believe Spitzer's own Democratic Party will eventually do him in "While people outside the Capitol may believe Spitzer will face his biggest run-ins with the Republican-led Senate, legislators and lobbyists agree the new governor, as chief executives before him, will find members of his own party in the Assembly vexing him the most. " So far.....Spitzer has always been 1 step ahead of the pack, anticipating..planning......communicating.....Eliot will get his way or the other.....count on it!!!...and finally....The Albany Times Union has Day One Starts With A Sprint ................andy

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