Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Governor Spitzer's Budget


Jane Flasch, Albany, NY - Governor Eliot Spitzer is making a lot of promises in his first budget for the state. He's calling for a bigger rebate for homeowners, a significant jump in aid for the city of Rochester, and more aid for every school district in New York with the neediest districts getting a lot more. Governor Spitzer says he can pay for his programs by closing loopholes and cutting waste and fraud. In fact, if the Governor gets his way, most middle-class homeowners will get an even bigger rebate check this year.
Homeowners with household incomes up to $60,000 a year will see thier STAR rebate checks almost double from an average $672 to over $1200. Seniors with high incomes will get a little less. Govenor Spitzer promised more money to upstate cities, including Rochester. The city will receive $9.7. That is considerably less than the $35 million Mayor Bob Duffy had hoped for to bring Rochester up to the same funding levels per person as Buffalo and Syracuse receive. The Governor says he will expand health care coverage to all uninsured children in the state that's 400,000 children under the age of 19. The Governor has also promised relief to Monroe County. 80% of the county's budget is made up of expenses mandated by Albany. Under this budget, state debt will grow. But the Governor says he can raise $180 million by extending the five cent bottle deposit to non-carbonated beverages like water and requiring bottlers to return unclaimed deposits to the state... for more info...check out
Localities won't bear costs for state programs, Spitzer says and Governor's Budget Includes "Historic" Education Funding and Highlights from Gov. Spitzer's budget proposal and Spitzer's $120 billion budget calls for reforms, spending...andy

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