Wednesday, January 17, 2007

How many men in the room?

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Can someone please tell me what all the fuss is still need still need meetings.......look at the results........yeah it would have been nice if the the minority leaders would have been invited...then it would have been 5 men in a room.....would that have stopped the bitching and moaning??? probably not...........andy

"There was a sense of deja vu at the Capitol yesterday as Gov. Spitzer emerged from closed-door negotiations with Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to announce an agreement on budget reform legislation.
Although the substance of the deal was reform, the process leading up to it It looked an awful lot like a return to the widely reviled "three men in a room."
Adding to that impression was the fact that the two minority leaders -- Democrat Malcolm Smith in the Senate and Republican Jim Tedisco in the Assembly -- weren't invited to the press conference, as they were last week for the announcement of a deal relating to the selection of a new controller.
Smith got wind of today's event and showed up in the middle, but Tedisco -- a longtime proponent of budget reform -- was noticeably absent.
A Spitzer aide said the governor had meant to include the minority leaders, but they were left out because of a staff error. This may explain why Spitzer thanked Tedisco during the press conference and said "he couldn't be here."
Tedisco spokesman Phil Oliva said Assembly Republicans were concerned about being omitted not just from the press conference but also the negotiations leading up to it.
"We're a little miffed," Tedisco spokesman Phil Oliva said. "We hope it was just an oversight that the minorities weren't invited. We look forward to further discussions on reform."
"Sen. Smith and Assemblyman Tedisco represent millions of New Yorkers who deserve a seat at the table."

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