Saturday, January 20, 2007

Late Comptroller Adds

Liz Benjamin Capitol Confidential

Not for nothing...but what kind of an impression are these folks giving ..showing up late with applications for state comptroller??? "My dog chewed up my application and I had to fill out another one...and that is why I am late???.........".........good grief........andy

"Several state comptroller candidates got their applications in late yesterday, legislative sources confirmed, including Carol Bellamy, who unsuccessfully sought the position in 1990 and 1993 and was encouraged by Gov. Eliot Spitzer to try again this time.
The three-man independent screening panel and Assembly Ways and Means and Senate Finance committees that are conducting the interviews starting Tuesday will have to collectively decide whether to accept these latecomers, a source said.
The screening panel, of course, includes former state Comptroller H. Carl McCall, who was Bellamy’s chief rival for the post in 1993 when the Legislature voted to fill a vacancy left by the departure of Republican Ned Regan, who’s also on the panel.
Bellamy ran a failed challenge to Regan in the 1990 general election.
Given all this history, it will be interesting to see how they all interact, not to mention how they’ll fit everyone who’s eligible to sit on the dais up there. The Times
reports this morning it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 people - if everyone shows up. "

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