Friday, January 19, 2007

Let the search for comptroller begin ... in the Legislature

Fred LeBrun Albany TimesUnion.Com

Fred is right on target with this very well written article on the dynamics of replacing can find qualified honest people in the State Legislature......and going outside the system to find someone may not be the best option only disagreement is with Fred's notion that Spitzer should have no input here.....wrong........there is a tremendous voter mandate for reform and is up to Eliot and Silver to make sure they live up to that new standard with this critical are a few quotes from this article.........andy

"Tis a fine mess you've left us with, Alan Hevesi: New York without an elected fiscal watchdog.
The governor has stated he would like to see the disgraced Hevesi's replacement as state comptroller in place by the end of the month.
That's a precious, short time for the Legislature to do its constitutional duty and pick a successor." "Given the power and prestige of the office at stake, there is no shortage of candidates for the job -- five announced from the Assembly alone -- and no lack of opinions on who would make the best choice. completely mystifies me is that the man who seems to be setting much of the agenda for the selection is the governor and that he's getting away with it.
Strange, because the comptroller's primary responsibility is to play watchdog over the state's chief executive and his government.
The last man in our political universe who ought to be offering any opinion, or timetable, or direction for the Legislature to pick a new comptroller is Gov. Eliot Spitzer." for the rest......
click here..............andy

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