Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nite Time Tid Bits

It is very obvious Liz Benjamin has no clue what DiNapoli is all about Comptroller/SeventhDistrict Linkage? "Here’s where it gets a bit Byzantine. DiNapoli has already endorsed Johnson in the 7th District contest, but some are wondering how active he will be in that race, now that the Senate’s leading Democrat, Smith, has essentially said he wants someone other than DiNapoli to fill the Comptroller’s seat.
Some are speculating that DiNapoli could sit on the sidelines in that race, or play a lesser role than he would have, as payback against Smith" errrrrrrrr...not.....DiNapoli is a class act........sorry Liz...........it seems everybody is getting involved with this Comptroller Controversy.......
Koch: Spitzer “Dead Wrong” On Comptroller Contest “The state Legislature, under the law, has the right to select the next comptroller,” Koch said in an interview this afternoon. “It may not be the way I would do it, but they have the right, and to seek to take away or limit that right by the use of that committee to me makes no sense at all.” “I administered 18 people on my payroll, and then I became mayor and administered 300,000 people,” Koch said. “I think I did a good job. Your ability to be an executive has nothing to do with whether you were a legislator before. It’s based on your DNA. Either you’re a good executive, or you’re not.” Maybe next time there should be DNA testing of potential comptroller candidates??? in the meantime Assembly Democrats have returned to their closed-door, members-only conference at which they will continue their discussion about the state comptroller contest.......Conference Redux......."The general feeling is that by the end of this second conference a consensus will be reached in favor of going against the governor’s wishes and making an assemblyman the next comptroller.
“The belief is that this process was rigged, and as such it was a power grab by the executive,” one member said. “We have a responsibility to stand up for the Legislature or else we will be ceding too much authority.” Liz also reports...."sources say that one casulty of this whole fight might be judicial merit selection, with legislators loathe to place more power in the hands of the executive after seeing how he acts with the power he already has.".....I wonder if these are "republican" sources trying to stir up the pot a bit more....and speaking of stirring up the pot ....nothing is more feared among Nassau Republican Minions than
The Lash of Mondello "Political insiders are still talking about the lambasting State and Nassau Republican Chairman Joseph Mondello gave several Hempstead and Oyster Bay GOP leaders last weekend for "sitting on their hands" in the race between party candidate Maureen O’Connell and Democrat Craig Johnson for the vacant 7th S.D. seat." Funny..these republicans are starting to act like democrats...Mondello and company are not used to the Spitzer State Democratic Onslaught that is now taking place...they are literally fighting for their political lives now...“This is a very important special election, not just for me but for the entire party and it’s a tough one,” Mondello said. “This is a herculean effort that we’re trying to make here.” ...a reader comments "Translation: Maureen is behind in the polls and I'm gonna blame people if she doesn't win--cause its never my fault!" ...........you may have red ass ed reps...but you also now have a red faced working family party..Embarrassed WFP: Report's in the Mail "When the latest campaign finance reports for the 7th Senate district special election went online this weekend, one filing was conspicuously missing. The Working Families Party is heavily invested in the race, lending Craig Johnson his campaign spokesman, Alex Navarro, and received $110,000 from the Johnson campaign for its efforts.
"We forgot," said WFP Executive Director Dan Cantor. "We're not used to these special elections. We literally forgot. I'm embarrassed."
Cantor said his people are working on the report and will have it completed and filed tonight.
"I'm chagrined, but we're obviously going to fix it," he said." and finally The Times Empire Zone alerts us there is
No White Smoke "The Assembly Democrats just took a brief break from their closed-door conference, where they are trying to figure out what to do about picking a comptroller.
When Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was asked what the temperature of his conference was, he replied cryptically, “I don’t have a thermometer.’’
Other Assemblymen, though, said that the conference was steaming mad at the fact that no lawmakers made the list of qualified comptroller candidates." This is certainly not Camp Happy right now.........andy

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