Monday, January 29, 2007


Newsday thinks Spitzer will flunk out some school administrators Spitzer to seek removal of failing school officials "Gov. Eliot Spitzer is expected to call today for tough new laws authorizing state removal of local school boards and superintendents who fail to raise student academic performance within a reasonable time." .....or "some school administrators left behind" program.......and Eliot tells The Daily News Time for tough calls "New governors from California to New Jersey have cut spending and reordered priorities in recent years in an attempt to get their states on a path toward stability and prosperity. People were uncomfortable with these actions at first, but later saw that change was necessary and beneficial.
We must do the same thing in New York, but it will be harder than in other states because we've put off tough decisions for years. Our budgeting often has been driven by politics instead of common sense. We've made commitments that drive billions of dollars into ineffective programs that benefit the few at the expense of the many. " This sounds like the first "warning" shot fired..before the state budget wars money is on Spitzer........and Fred Dicker thinks there is mischief afoot in the legislature
'SECRET' DEM PLOT TO TAKE COMPTROL "Democrats may hold their own "secret" election this week in order to unite around a single candidate to be chosen as the new state comptroller, legislative insiders said yesterday.
The idea would be to choose between the two leading Assembly Democratic candidates - Thomas DiNapoli of Nassau County and Joseph Morelle of Rochester - and then make the winner the "official" Assembly choice.
"The members are talking about a secret election, unless the candidates can agree among themselves who should drop out," a Democratic official said. " how "secret" can this meeting be if Fred knows all about it??? and if in fact Silver decides to buck the panel and pick one of his own...this makes perfect sense...and there is no reason for anything to be secret...this is the law of the land.....the legislature picks the comptroller..........and The New York Sun thinks it's
Silver's Choice "We don't carry a brief here for any particular candidate for comptroller of New York. Maybe, if one wanted someone who could keep an eye on the governor and his administration, it should be Mr. Spitzer's archnemesis, Kenneth Langone. What we do have a strong view about is the notion that the process of choosing a comptroller should follow the law. The law is unambiguously with the Legislature. It doesn't place restrictions on what the Legislature can do, except restrict it from applying a religious test. Mr. Spitzer is said to be furiously lobbying the Legislature directly now in hopes of gaining a comptroller from among the three whose names have been offered up. It's hard to see, however, why the speaker should feel under pressure. The interests of New Yorkers are with the widest possible search for the best possible candidate." and yet the Post(they obviously are not reading Dicker's Columns) thinks Silver should keep his word SILVER'S CHOICE "But it remains that Silver holds the whip hand, because of the partisan make-up of the Albany Legislature and the constitutionally mandated process for replacing Hevesi.
He can thumb his nose at the agreement he made with Bruno and Spitzer - and, implicitly, with the people of New York - and push for a crony.
Or he can keep his word. Period. " I am sure glad I am not Shelly Silver this week....and finally...Liz Benjamin lets us know "First Lady Silda Wall Spitzer will be on Long Island, campaigning with Democratic 7th SD candidate Craig Johnson" ..........Craig is one lucky dude getting all this attention and support...this is a Nassau Dem's wildest dream come true.......andy

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