Monday, January 08, 2007

Open Door Policy

Liz Benjamin Capitol Confidential

This article by Liz reminds me of a time.. years ago...when the old Soviet "Iron Curtain" was dismantled and the Berlin Wall came tumbling down.....Pataki like his hero Bush....think the press are there for their own be used for their purposes be controlled and contained and manipulated with the right one commentator wrote in ....."Spitzer's New Open Door Policy is like a breath of fresh air" ....amen and amen........andy PS we omitted the letter..because it could not be clearly seen.......

Here is the letter announcing the end of Fort Pataki that was sent to the Legislative Correspondents Association today by Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s Communications Director Darren Dopp and Press Secretary Christine Anderson.
I’m not sure if you can read it. (Sorry, the other size was simply too enormous).
The upshot: The Second Floor of the Capitol, which houses the offices of the governor and his top staffers, is now open to reporters.
This afternoon, the pack followed Spitzer from his Third Floor meeting with the Senate majority and brief appearance in the Assembly chamber all the way to his office door on the Second Floor.
Nobody made a move to stop us as we trooped down the hall en masse, tape recorders rolling.
Spitzer joked that he needed to brush up on his history because he didn’t recognize all the portraits in the Hall of Governors. The hall has been closed to tour groups on days Pataki was in town, and, under Spitzer, will re-open on select afternoons.
A few minutes ago, I tested this new policy of openness by trying to access the executive suite alone.
I was stopped by a State Police trooper (the desk at the main door is so far still being manned) and asked for ID. But when I presented it, he let me through.
I know this seems like a small thing, but it’s not - at least not to those of us from the so-called “Fourth Estate” who like to think we represent the public’s right to know what their taxpayer-funded government is up to.
Other changes in the works: More advance notice of the public schedules for the governor and LG.
Former Gov. George Pataki’s press office often put out advisories that allowed reporters only a few hours notice before events, or said the governor would be “in New York” but not where - if there was an advisory at all.

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