Monday, January 08, 2007

Photo exhibit of Spitzer's 2006 campaign opens in NYC

Newsday AP Story

If you happen to be in New York City this coming Monday...check this out..........andy

NEW YORK -- When photographer Marius Muresanu approached then-State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer about documenting his 2006 bid for governor, he proposed to cover not just the highlights of the campaign, but to take an in-depth look at "anything and everything." Spitzer, who Muresanu said he knows personally, agreed, allowing unprecedented access to the campaign, from fundraising parties and strategy meetings to public rallies and town hall meetings. Several of the images that Muresanu and fellow photographer Eric Goeres ultimately shot over more than six months on the campaign trail will be on display beginning Monday at the Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Station. "I think this was an amazing opportunity to shoot behind the scenes of someone who runs a campaign," Muresanu said in a telephone interview Sunday night as he did final preparation for the exhibit. The 50-year-old photographer said much of his work is thematic, and that this project was no different. He said the theme was "what it takes to run for governor, what it takes to run a campaign. It tells the story." Goeres and Muresanu followed the campaign around the state, going from Buffalo to the Bronx, and from the West Side to Watertown, he said. He said he shot about 5,000 pictures in black-and-white "analog" _ with a film-loading camera. Goeres, Muresanu said, used a digital camera to shoot in color. The "Making of a Governor" exhibit takes viewers from the beginning of the campaign to Spitzer's inauguration. But for Muresanu the story of the new governor is not over for him. "I'm still shooting," he said.

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